Kyrocream, with the benefits of arnica, hypericum and calendula, improves muscle and ligament elasticity and helps to avoid injury during daily exercise. It also helps with muscle recovery after a typically tiring day or following intense physical strain.


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Kyrocream is made from a precise combination of oleic extracts of three popular herbs, recognised for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, along with further medicinal benefits. Arnica, hypericum and calendula are plants which have always been used for their effectiveness in the prevention and recovery of pain in the muscles and joints; they alleviate knocks and bruises, help to improve blood circulation, and also skin condition, providing elasticity and well-being.

Kyrocream helps you avoid injuries in daily exercise as it improves muscle and ligament elasticity. Likewise it fights muscle fatigue following physical effort but also reduces the sensation of daily tiredness.

The latest emulsion technologies have been applied in the formulation and elaboration of Kyrocream in order to create a technical and natural product which can be used at any time of day thanks to its pleasant texture, quick absortion and nice fragrance.

Find kyrocream in your pharmacy, parapharmacy or specialist health-centres,in a 250ml and 60ml format.

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